Data Strategy

Dynamic products and services live and breathe through the data ecosystems they interact with.

DATADNA helps organizations to identify the data assets available to them and determine the current, latent, and future value it can provide insights activities.

We also help to identify and negotiate data procurement where needed to meet business objectives.

Product Strategy

Our number one priority is helping our clients to develop competitive products and services that leverage data in unique and innovative ways.

We'll work closely with your existing product and strategy teams to push the limits of what's possible today, so you can achieve market success tomorrow, and well into the future.

Team Development

While we love working with all our clients, we find enormous satisfactioin in helping them to identify and develop their own internal talent to ultimately own the projects we support.

Services include organizational development, job description creation, cadidate interviews,
and talent development.



DATADNA was founded in 2013 by Gregory Short, the pioneer of contextual analytics, and author of the award winning book The Billion Dollar Paperclip: Think Smarter About Your Data.

With more than 20 years of data driven product development experience, and a rich background in game theory, talent development, and organizational optimization, DATADNA brings a unique edge to every client engagement.


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